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NovatedEV.com.au is the EV information site of Vehicle Solutions Australia. We have specialised in Novated leases for over 15 years and now service over 150 employers from ACT Government with 25,ooo+ employees to small businesses of 5. This starts with one of the only obligation free online calculators that never asks for your personal details until you're ready to take the next step. We then assist with a more competitive price on the car, lower lease rates, and your choice of insurer.

Our success is simple. We take the time to explain the answer all questions, provide the information a customer wants, in a simple, plain English format. 

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The most important aspect is understanding how Salary Packaging works and where the savings come from. Our personal one on one service ensures we’re always there to answer your questions. This is why we have launched this site which is dedicated to providing a one-stop shop to view every EV available in Australia: to calculate your tax savings, and complete your Novated Lease.

Transparent Information

All we do is Novated Leasing, so we understand how important it is to provide all the information in a transparent, plain english manner. Our residual values, GST, FBT, and repayments are all in black and white

Free Employer Service

We provide a simple, efficient, and free Salary Packaging service to all employers. Our service is quick and easy to establish, and best of all, can save your company time and money in administration. A novated lease provides the perfect reward to all employees and a great alternative to company vehicles. No more administration, no more receipts, and if an employee leaves, the vehicle leaves with them.

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Our success is simple. Get the best new car price that leads to the lowest lease payment. Provide exactly the information a customer wants, in a simple, plain English format. Then save our clients as much money as possible.

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