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Benefits to Employees

Electric cars are now tax free!

What's in the new legislation?

The Australian government are trying to reduce the cost of electric vehicles in order to increase up-take. To do this they have made electric cars under $84,916, 100% FBT exempt. This means on a Novated Lease you pay no tax and no GST on all running costs including the lease (finance), charging, insurance, registration, tyres and servicing.
Our calculator can show you the cost to your "Take Home Pay" for your EV of choice.

If you're on a salary of $80,ooo you can
now own this SUV from $186 per week*
Includes - Finance, charging, tyres, insurance, rego and servicing.
*Based on 15,000km/yr, $80K Salary over a 5 year lease.
New BYD Att0 3 SUV Full electric - From $44k Drive Away
$186 per week*
Free competitive quotes

We offer a completely free, no obligation quoting system that is transparent and very accurate. We don’t ask you to submit your personal details before offering a quote. You can quote as many times as you need, and we are always here to explain the quotes in detail. This is the only way to understand the process and make a more informed decision.

Best car prices

The key to getting the best Novated Leasing deal is buying the car at the best price. This means less interest and lower payments, leaving you with more take home pay. That’s why we offer motorbuys.com.au. Motorbuys will get you the best price, without the pressure and hassle of shopping around.

Simple easy to understand language.

We have put a lot of research into the way we present, quote, document, and manage your salary package. The one single aim is to ensure you have complete clarity and transparency of the service and products on offer before making any decision.

A novated lease now allows an employee on an $80K salary to buy this new Tesla for only $263 per week. This includes all running costs!

Our success is simple. Get the best new car price that leads to the lowest lease payment. Provide exactly the information a customer wants, in a simple, plain English format. Then save our clients as much money as possible.

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