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Australia's Full Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Range

New tax laws state that Electric Vehicles (EV's) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV's) under $84,916 are now 100% FBT exempt. This means employees can pay for the finance and all running costs before tax on a Novated Lease. But what vehicles are available in Australia? Every vehicle on this site sells for less than this limit and can be Salary Packaged before tax. Click on any of the vehicles below to get more detail and useful links.
We'll update this list as soon as manufacturers update model choices. Thanks for your patience.

4 Modifying the vehicles base specifications may result in an increase in the drive away cost which may exclude that vehicle from being FBT Exempt.

All Electric Vehicles



*All weekly figures include Finance, charge, registration, insurance, servicing and tyres.

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