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Employer Update - EV Novated Leasing

November 17, 2022

Now is the time to add tax free EV’s to your employee benefit program.

Our Novated Leasing Service is FREE?

If you haven’t offered Novated Leasing before, now is the time!

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If you haven’t offered Novated Leasing to your employees, this new legislation now makes it essential. On the next page we provide the numbers that show the difference this legislation makes to an employee on $80,000 wanting to purchase a $45,000 vehicle.

In summary, a Novated Lease on a $45,000 EV will save the employee more than $32,000 in tax over a 5 year lease, costing only $176 a week to run the vehicle. This is life changing for most employees who currently pay half this in fuel alone every week.

Find attached below our Employer EV Legislation Update Brochure. For more information please contact us on 1300 990 880 or admin@vehiclesolutions.com.au.

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